Handwriting is not just paper pencil tasks.  It takes a holistic approach to truly attack handwriting difficulties.  Writing in print is often times looked at a skill that students should be born with.  However, writing is an acquired skill that needs to be learned.  Many school districts have gotten rid of their handwriting instruction.  Handwriting curriculum has been absorbed into other academic areas.  Oftentimes there is no longer time in a teacher's schedule for handwriting instruction.  Therefore, Handwriting Help is here to teach your child how to print.  

Handwriting help will address difficulties in many areas to include:

  • Fine motor

  •  visual motor

  •  postural control

  • strength 

  • coordination 

  • ergonomics

The whole student needs to be addressed, not just how the pencil is writing on the paper.  Handwriting Help can help improve how neat your child can write!

Handwriting Help will address concerns with handwriting to include:

  • illegibility

  • formation

  • spacing

  • sizing