Difficulties with handwriting can affect a student's academics!

Handwriting help is here to help your child succeed with handwriting.  We offer virtual handwriting instruction tailored for your child, utilizing a variety of handwriting curriculum. Instruction can be accessed from anywhere. Handwriting instruction can be in either print or cursive! Courses are offered weekly throughout the school year.  We also offer summer camps that are intensive four week long sessions to allow you child handwriting practice during break!

Difficulties in handwriting can affect:

  • reading
  • spelling
  • memory 
  • academic performance
  • self-esteem
  • success in school 

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Handwriting is an important part of a child’s day. Each elementary school aged child spends 30% to 60% of their day writing.  It is an essential skill required to improve critical thinking, reading, writing and language use.  Difficulties in handwriting are not uncommon in children.  Up to 30% of elementary school aged children have difficulties with handwriting.  

Handwriting instruction can improve many different academic areas!

Handwriting instruction has been found to improve:

  • brain activity
  • motor skills
  • memory
  • reading skills 
  • literacy development 
  • automaticity
  • ability to recognize letters faster
  • legibility
  • composition skills

What will your child learn with Handwriting Help?

Handwriting Help will teach your child how to:

  • form letters correctly
  • size letters correctly
  • place letters on the line
  • orient letters to prevent reversals
  • space letters
  • space words

Keyboarding versus Handwriting

Even with the ever increasing push in technology, students will still be required to print, as there are proven benefits to handwriting versus keyboarding. These benefits include:

  • improved comprehension
  • more brain activity
  • increased memory
  • increased recognition